Cross-Chain Routing
    Wallet Manager.
    Access to over 50 chains
    Route your tokens anywhere
    Add your chain addresses and prioritize where you send and receive tokens
    Multi Wallet
    Attach chains from all your wallets. We continue to support new wallets.
    Multi Chain
    Add multiple addresses per chain. Add multiple chains with one address.
    Add verified addresses you own. Link to addresses manually.
    You Control
    Prioritize where you want your funds to be received or sent from. Always keeping you in control.
    Setup Once
    Setup your routing preferences once and let Trustware direct the traffic based on your preferences.
    Self Custody
    You always hold custody of your assets in your decentralized wallets. We just help you manage.
    Manage all your wallets and asset routing from one location
    Secure self custody with the freedom to manage your own wealth
    Secure Self Custody
    Bringing the power of Multi-sig security to individuals. Your keys are always held by you. We just give you tools to manage them. Never loose keys or assets again.
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    Vaulting Options
    You can vault with your existing providers or switch to vaulting with Trustware and avail of all of our security features. and multi chain options.
    Unlock Awesome, One Account
    Use all the apps you are familiar with, using one Trustware account

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